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  • First Performance as Northern Voices A Cappella!
  •  Date Posted: Mon, May 20 2019
    First Performance as Northern Voices A Cappella!
    We had a wonderful evening last Saturday, having been invited by the Concord Coachmen Chorus to share the risers with them. Our hosts, the Knights of Columbus in Allenstown, cooked up a delicious dinner of chicken parmesan and all the fixings for a gathering of about 80 people. After dinner, the audience was treated to an hour of barbershop singing, shared between the choruses.  What a fun way to spend an evening with our friends in harmony!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, May 16 2019
    Awesome performance by our very own quartet, MUSICALITY!  They are very pleased with their score and 8th place award!
  • THANK YOU to our wonderful audience in Concord!
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Feb 24 2019
    THANK YOU to our wonderful audience in Concord!
    It was our delight to entertain the ladies and gentlemen at Pleasant View Retirement Center yesterday. We were greeted with many happy faces, appreciative applause and, yes, some laughter, too, as we sang and danced our way through many of our favorite ballads and uptunes. As our emcee, Terry was warm and inviting and kept the audience engaged and smiling throughout our performance. It was really nice to be invited back again!
  • "Holding Out for a Hero" WOWS Audience
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Nov 21 2018
    "Holding Out for a Hero" WOWS Audience
    At 7pm on November 17th at the Derryfield School, Profile Chorus proudly displayed their acting and singing talents in their show entitled, "Holding Out for a Hero!". The script for the show was written by Associate Director, Kay Bilodeau, who also  played a major role in the play, sang with the chorus and with her quartet, Musicality.. Other starring roles were played by Kathy Deady, Emily Navarro, Denise MacDougall and Dona Bordman who also stepped onto the risers as part of the chorus. Director Terry Neill divided her time onstage with a speaking part, singing with both the chorus and Musicality, and directing the chorus for several songs. The chorus was delighted to bring several new songs to the show as well as their competition songs and  others they have enjoyed singing from years past.
    The message of the show? 
    he audience LOVED IT!

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