UnitedScrip Gift Card Program

Help Northern Voices A Cappella by ordering gift cards for your everyday needs!

Register online with our Group ID 603Profile and a portion of your purchase is used to support Northern Voices A Cappella!

To sign up and begin purchasing gift cards, go to www.scripzone.com/ or click the button above.

Next, click on the New User Icon on the right side of the UnitedScrip homepage.

Create your Secure Online Account by filling out the then click "Finish". The email address you enter will be used to contact you about your orders.    

Join our group! On the next screen, click on the "Join Group" button.

Type in our Group ID: 603Profile

When you log in to your account, go to My Scrip Payment to link your bank account for your purchases

What is Scrip?
Scrip is Latin for “anything used instead of money”. In our case, we mean Gift Cards. When you buy Scrip, you are buying Gift Cards to use for your everyday budgeted items like groceries, gas, clothes, restaurants, etc.

How does it work?
UnitedScrip contracts with over 250 National Retailers and receives a discount for volume purchases. They offer these Gift Cards to us at discounts from 1.5%-20%. Our members and supporters pay face value for the Gift Cards and our group pays the discounted amount. The difference is instant revenue for our Group!

What can I do?
All you have to do is order Gift Cards for your everyday needs! To do this you just need to register online by following the process detailed above.

Payment and Shipping Information:

Payment Options: 
You have 2 payment options for your order.

  1. You may pay with a credit card online. Due to processing fees associated with credit cards, there is a 3% drop in the ScripReward you earn. Some gift cards are not available with a credit card payment because their percentage is already 3% or lower.

  2. You can set up a ScripPayment Gateway Account. This option does have to be set up before you order and can take several business days, but it allows you to pay directly from your bank account. There is a $.50 transaction fee for ordersless than $50.

Shipping : You will pay for shipping to the address of your choice. Shipping Costs
  1. Regular Mail – 8 cards or fewer $1

  2. Trackable Regular Mail – 12 cards or fewer $3

  3. USPS Priority Mail – over 12 cards $6.75